Payment Plans

We at Dear Darlings Offer 0% Interest Payment Plans for up to 8 weeks.

You will initially pay a deposit of 25% when starting your Payment Plan.

(Please Note Your Order has to come to a minimum of £50 to start a payment plan)


How it Works

Once you have picked what you would like to order and have put it into the Cart you will see a button that says ( Click this and It will bring you to another screen.

This is where it will show you the breakdown of how much your deposit will be and how much your future payments will be. You can choose to pay weekly/fortnightly or monthly. You are also welcome to place a higher deposit and pay the full balance earlier if you wish.

You will have full log in details to be able to manage your payment plan as you wish whenever you would like to.

Once the full balance is paid we will then post your order to you.


We hope you enjoy this added feature to Dear Darlings and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Thank You Always for Your Custom We Appreciate each and everyone of you.